Thank you so much for your magic Adam, our guests have not stopped talking about your magic. They loved it and so did I. Book him!

Ashley [Corporate Party]

Adam arrived early and left late. He payed special attention to our guests who had children with them, their reactions were lovely to see and he made sure they did not feel left out. His magic was amazing and I believe he even converted some of our nonbelievers. I would highly recommended him for making any event even more special.

Paul and Selene [Private Party]

Adam was amazing and we really appreciated his flexibility. He entertained our guests around the tables and later around the bar areas and garden. He even kept our younger guests amused with a magic party whilst the speeches were given! We have to say, he is the most amicable magician we’ve ever met and definitely the best.

Andy and Michele [Private Party]

The skills you taught Jack allowed him to gain confidence, so much so that he entered his school’s talent contest and came in second place. Jack is immensely proud of his achievement and this is largely thanks to your efforts. I cannot express my gratitude for what you have done. Thank you so much.

Guy Keen [Magic Experience]

Welcome to Magic Magic Magic

I have been a professional magician for over twenty five years. As a magician I aim always to leave my audience laughing in wonder, amazement and delight. I am a member of the Magic Circle and Equity (which covers all public liability insurance) and I also have an up to date DBS check. These, I hope, illustrate my ability, integrity and honesty.

The services I offer are all based around Close Up Magic. They can be divided into two main categories, the first is magical entertainment provided by the magician and the second is, participants learning magic. Regardless of which service you choose, I always strive to offer a bespoke service which is achieved through effective, and if necessary, regular communication with the Booker before the event.

I believe spectator involvement and participation is a must. If the magic happens in my hands, just a few inches away from you, then that’s amazing, but if it happens in your hands, then it’s a miracle!

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Magic wedding


Magic is the ultimate ice breaker and a great way to guarantee that all wedding guests are happy and entertained, leaving both bride and groom stress free and relaxed so they can enjoy their special day.

Magical Entertainment by Adam is extremely flexible, and can be utilised in the following ways either in isolation or in combination .
- Meeting and greeting guests on arrival.
- Table Magic at the Wedding Breakfast
- Mix and Mingle Close Up Magic for both day evening guests after the Wedding Breakfast.

I offer a pre-meeting before the day of the wedding with the bride and groom to discuss individual requirements and preferences. This allows me tailor requirements to needs of participants so each wedding is bespoke.

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Corporate magic

Corporate Functions

Whether you are looking to entertain existing teams, or potential clients in Trade Shows, Close Up Magic by Adam Templeton will draw in, astound and leave everyone talking and laughing about what they just witnessed. A great way to reward, create interest and bring people together.

Magical Entertainment by Adam is extremely flexible, and can be utilised in the following ways either in isolation or in combination.
- Mix and Mingle Close Up Magic at Christmas Parties
- Mix and Mingle Close Up Magic at Summer Parties
- Table Magic for guests at Awards Evenings
- Mix and Mingle Close Up Magic at Trade Shows.

Adam can engage with potential customers and create interest using specifically designed magical effects tailored for showcasing the product or service being promoted.

Team Building break out sessions are also offered, an ideal addition to any training day. Adam will meet with the Booker before the event to ascertain specific needs, then will create a program to meet them.

Participants engage in a very different fun and fascinating experience. They learn a variety of close up magic effects in small groups and then they individualise what they have learnt. They demonstrate to each other and then act upon feedback. Finally, there is an option to perform to the larger group. Participation helps individual confidence, empathy and creativity bringing together all who participate.

A great fun and unique experience.

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Magic birthday


Close Up Magic by Adam Templeton is a perfect way of entertaining your guests, whether you are celebrating a Christening, Bar Mitzvah, Anniversary or anything else.

For religious celebrations Adam offers to meet the Booker before the event to establish any particular requirements he must be sensitive to.

For those organising anniversaries, Adam will also meet before hand to both entertain and educate you with a variety of magical styles so your preferred choices will be what your guests see. This allows Adam to make every event that unique and bespoke.

Adam’s magical routines and stories have evolved with the purpose of engaging all guests, literally, family friendly magic for the young and old, all together.

As an experienced performer Adam tailors his presentation to create magical moments which will surprise, astonish and be remembered for a lifetime.

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Magic parties


Close Up Magic by Adam Templeton is the perfect way to entertain your guests, whether you are organising a Private party, a Christmas party or a Garden party.

Adam’s magical routines and stories have been designed with the purpose of engaging all guests of all ages or of a particular age. This means he can tailor the magic he does to entertain an audience of both adults and children or present magic suitable for adults only. Whatever you decide, as an experienced performer Adam will create magical moments for your audience which will be remembered forever. Sit back and be prepare to be surprised, mesmerised and astounded!

There is also an option for a Magic Party:
A Magic Party can be a unique and great fun experience. Small groups are taught different easy magic effects and then nominate their preferred member or members to entertain the room. The Booker and Magician judge each group for a winner, but cliches aside, all who take part are winners.

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Magic Barmitzvah


Close Up Magic by Adam Templeton is the perfect way to entertain your guests, whether you are organising an End of Year Prom, a Summer Ball or a Fund Raising or Celebration Evening.

Adam’s magical routines and stories have been designed with the purpose of engaging all guests of all ages. This means that the magical moments your audience will see will be remembered for a lifetime. Sit back and be prepare to be surprised, mesmerised and astounded!

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Magic Barmitzvah

The gift of magic

A Magic Experience Voucher can be purchased.

This allows the recipient to see a small Magic Show before leaning a number of magical effects from personal tuition by the Magician.

All necessary equipment is provided and can be kept.

Contact Adam for further details

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Team Building Workshop

By running a team building activity a message is sent to your staff – you care about their success and welfare. Events designed to help them grow and develop new transferable skills indicate that a company is committed to its employees. Consequently, workers are more likely to reciprocate this investment with a greater contribution to the business.

Magic team-building activities are a way to increase team skills and improve morale. Employees benefit through experiencing a sense of accomplishment by working in small groups to complete a challenging series of tasks and learn ways to improve their communication skills as well as understanding how their presentations can have a lasting impact on audiences through the use of magical effects to punctuate the key points and messages.

Energise your breakouts with Magic
Close up magic can be the talk of your next corporate event. Team-building has become a staple for many companies, small and large. The purpose? Bring your team closer together, allow them to work better with one another but also express their individuality, build on communication skills, think outside the box, improve morale.

So why close-up magic?
A team-building activity needs to be fun. You want your team to look forward to the event, the best way to do this is make it exciting and memorable. Magic is considered to be very exciting and truly memorable! Magic is a great option for team-building as it’s different, very different. People tire of everyday routines and as much as employees love their jobs, changing things up can be helpful to clear the mind and recharge.

Magic is a precise science that involves logic, quick thinking, paying attention and focus. So, while your team will be enjoying themselves, they will also get to work together to develop, secure and master a variety of skills so that they can demonstrate a selection of magical effects. They will be asked to reflect upon and deliver the company ideals, culture and messages in doing so. They will be challenged to personalise these effects so that a business message presented won’t be easy to remember, but difficult to forget.

For your next team-building activity, see if you can bring some magic and you will see how fun and excitement can be mixed with critical thinking and teamwork to increase confidence, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Combine this with the knowledge that employees will leave with both an understanding of and strategy for making key points memorable to clients and colleagues alike and you will see the true potential and power of magic.

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I have been lucky enough to have booked Adam on a number of occasions to work with teens and children in hospital settings - his magic skills are simply incredible but he is also just a delight to work with - uber professional, always accommodating and able to quickly put people at their ease. There isn't a party or event that couldn't be enhanced by Adam's close-hand magic, prepare to be amazed!

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